Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Liquid Happiness

Happiness is....
A big pot of a variety of hot peppers. I was watching the Food Network on t.v. about a year ago. They were talking about hot sauces. So, I decide to try making my own. I went and bought a variety of hot peppers and threw them in a pot of water. I have 5 different kinds of peppers. I have Ancho, Jalapeno, Serrano, Cayenne ,Habanero.

When I first made it, it was the peppers, water, and a few other things. My wife tried it and said it was pure heat with no flavor, so I added a few more things, then it had flavor. It was so good that a friend said I should try and sell it. I decided I don't want to, but he said I should call it (Happiness). Now, we have this joke we say, "Who says you cannot buy happiness?"

After it is cooked, it looks like what is in the bowl, but it is thick enough to hold onto a chip.

I love this stuff, and so do many of my friends. It has heat and flavor. I am going to buy some pork and cook it in the sauce, wrap it up in a soft flour shell, and add cheese. This is HAPPINESS! Rick b

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satire and theology said...

I would need a pitcher of milk with that dish.