Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happiness photo's update

Who says money can't buy "Happiness"? I am going to keep this updated as long as people send me photos.

Here is the deal- If you buy or somehow otherwise get a bottle of "Happiness", and you want to send me a photo to post on the blog, here is what you do:

1) Take a photo of any person, or if someone does not want to be in the picture,
put just the bottle in front of a sign where you are, like a bank or post office or something showing the state or country. I am trying to get as many photos as possible. If you cannot get a road sign or name of the state in the picture, try and get a famous landmark, like San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, for example.

2) If you want your name added, send your name. Otherwise, leave the name off. Send all photos via email to

3) Try and get a clear picture of the name on the bottle.

I know my brother's boss bought a bottle, and he should be sending me a photo from Mexico. I sent out a bottle to a friend in the military who is fighting over in Iraq. Barring any serious problems, I hope to get a photo from him soon. Below are photos from other people who bought some "Happiness".

Here are some pictures I have been sent,
these are from Robert in Australia
And Rob can keep the spiders.

Robert said, The first pics are
a couple of mile up the road from my place. It is quite a touristy
destination. Spiders, well I've got heaps of them and like them very
much. Happiness is a big spider, they too can make a grown man panic,
jump and cry. The last one is on my balcony and looks out towards the
Gold Coast. You can see how far away I live from the city (I don't
like going there) and can just see my neighbors house. The part of the
mountain I live on is semi-tropical forest and behind my place is a
ten hectare reserve. It's all pretty steep, that make me happy as I
like living up on the mountain.

These three are from Russ up in Canada. 1/9/09
Thanks Russ for the pictures.

updated photo 12/7/08
Andrew in Las Vegas
Thank you very much for the photo

(updated photo 10/16/08)
No name was given, but this was taken over in Israel, how cool is that.

Ed in Chicago, Their is no sign saying Chicago, but he tried sending a "land mark" Photo of Super Dog.

Seems as if was busy Getting around, Looks like he is on a mission to spread "Happiness", because He sent me Photos from, Indiana Also.

He sent Two photos because does not state where he is, it is a side view of the
Indiana University. But he then sent a photo showing the name on the stadium, but then the picture of the happiness was hard to view.

Now, here is a picture from Loren who was over in Wisconsin.

Here is a picture from Bill who lives in Michigan, My Home State.

Please people, what ever you do, do not get run over or stopped by the Cops for being on the side of the road getting Photo's. Thanks to every one who sent Photos and bought happiness. Have fun showing people that money really can buy happiness. Rick b


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