Monday, April 20, 2009

Pub Corn

Hello everyone.
About a month ago, I received an Email. The guy that wrote me said he runs a company that sells beer and cocktail flavored popcorn. The guy asked me if he sent me a sample of his popcorn, would I write a review of it and post it on my blog. I said that I would do it.

Let me first say before the review, if any one want to have me review food or equipment I will be more than happy, but my review will be honest. Meaning, if I don't like it, I will say so. I won't lie to make someone happy.

Here is a link to the Pub Corn website. They have all the info people need for buying and simply looking over flavors. Pub Corn Site

I received 3 flavors in the mail: Irish Cream, Beer, Pina Colada.

I waited on trying this because I had a house full of people coming over to watch the UFC. I figured there would be more people to have sample it. Over all, 12 adults and 3 kids sampled the popcorn.

Here are the thoughts of everyone who tried it: my brother thought all 3 were simply OK; he would not eat them again.

Besides him, everyone loved the Irish cream. Everyone said it was one they would buy. As for the beer flavored one, I liked it, so did two other guys. Two of the women refused to try it, and the rest of the people either said, it was simply ok, or they hated it. Now, as near as I can tell, most people who did not like it, also don't like beer.

I honesty believe that people who don't like beer won't like the beer flavored popcorn. They say on the site that they use (non-alcoholic) beer and
cocktail flavors.

Now I gotta say, I normally do not like Pina Colada, but I really liked the popcorn. They did a good job with it. Overall, everyone really liked the Pina Colada flavor. Next to me and the 2 other guys who liked all 3 flavors, everyone but my brother really liked the Irish cream and Pina Colada flavors.

Let me just point out for everyone, the popcorn does not have a weight listed on the bag, so I am guessing they were 8oz bags. They have no nutrition facts listed on the bag for people who need or want to know about calories or other health factors.

The popcorn came in a nice strong box and was really fresh; it did not taste stale or old. I gotta say, I would buy this popcorn again for myself or as a gift. If anyone buys some, please let me know what you think. Rick B

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thekingpin68 said...

To me it sounds like interesting popcorn and the site looks professional.