Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Private Chef Job

Here are some pictures from the private chef jobs I did. I have only this picture of me at the person's house who hired me. I had permission to take pictures, but chose not to take a lot since it's not my intent to show off other people's houses.

If people decide they want to hire me, they can contact me at the email address on my blog. Many people took business cards and word of mouth has spread. We can talk prices and menus if you contact me. I also have the people I worked for as references, as needed, but will only give them out after talking with people. I won't simply toss out their numbers to everyone.

The dinner party menu for this person was: 3 types of pasta, 3 homemade sauces, homemade bread, grilled chicken, vegetables, homemade Caeser salad dressing, and desserts that the host provided. Some people at the party were so impressed they hired me on the spot for another job two weeks later. The menu was exactly the same. There are more pictures of that party since it was held at the State Fair grounds.

I grilled 30 pounds of chicken and removed the skin. I picked the meat off the bones. I also grilled fresh asparagus and 10 pounds of bacon.

Two of the sauces were simple red sauces. The other was a white sauce with bacon.

Here are pictures of me serving people and everything I set up.
We planned for 200 people, but it was around 300 that showed up. We ended up running out of food.

It was a lot of fun doing these events. I enjoyed every minute of it!


satire and theology said...

Looks tasty...

'Larry Potter'

concrete said...

It's almost cruel to post pics of such delicious food! Being told 200 are coming and then having 300 was a tough thing to be put into. Excellent work Rick

Delirious said...

Pretty cool! Looks yummy. Have you lost weight recently?

rick b said...

Hello Interested, I sure hope so, I am trying to lose weight.