Monday, February 22, 2010

Pastry Chef Round Two

Today, we had round two of the Iron Chef - Pastry contest. We went from 13 teams down to 2 teams. After round one, my partner and I took fourth place; we were bummed. I thought for sure we would have placed higher. I saw some pictures of the desserts today and was surprised we did not place higher.

For round two, my partner and I took 1st place! Out of a possible 300 points, we scored 281.

We hoped to make a few more desserts but had some minor problems.

In two weeks, we go onto round 3. I cannot wait! We will take on a professional chef from the Twin Cities. Our winning dessert was a chocolate cake baked in a funnel cup to form a cone, a jelly flavored caramel, a pavlova, which is a meringue with fruit on it, and a soft, slightly chilled, white chocolate mousse.

We had fun and are excited to go to the 3rd round! Rick b


Jeff said...

Very cool, Rick! Congrats especially on taking first place in round two, and good luck for round three!

satire and theology said...

I like the chocolate.