Saturday, June 11, 2011

Personal Chef/Caterer

Hello everyone.

Here is what has been going on with me. As of today, I have two weeks left of my internship. So, since I have been working for free, I needed a job. I went to the school and looked at the job listings, and I found a job for a personal chef/catering job. I called about it and spoke with the person.

In the end, this is what happened. I met with the people, and then ended up cooking for them. They were planning on having up to 300 people coming over. They had a build-your-own pasta bar with 3 different pastas, 3 different sauces that I made from scratch, one salad dressing from scratch, and bread that I made from scratch.

It went so well that a person from the party hired me to do another event just like that one in two weeks. Three others have asked for my phone number to call me and do a party for them. I will also be doing another event in July. So as it stands, I will be looking to do this on a more long-term basis. I also have been given the phone number of the people that I worked for to give out as a reference.

As it stands, I will be posting recipes in the days to come. I will post pictures of jobs I do and promoting myself as an up and coming personal chef/caterer. These people were so happy with the job I did they said they will pass my number out to all of their friends. It is very exciting for me. We will see what comes of it! Rick


Delirious said...

That sounds great Rick! You could just have your own catering company, and by word of mouth you will get tons of work! Great idea!

concrete said...

Fantastic to hear. I really do hope it all goes well and just snow balls.

thekingpin68 said...

From Baker to Chef. Well-done my friend.

Interested said...

Congratulations!! Now if I could only afford you and one of us was willing to move. I know it will go well and you will be a major success. I'm always in your corner.

rick b said...

Hello Interested,
Any time you can make it my way, or I make it down your way, I will be more than happy to make you diner. You dont need to hire me, I will do it for free.

And that goes for all my friends I know.